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2011 Public Symposium on Educational Research

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Schools

- Innovations in School Administration and Educational Instruction -

This event has ended.


Entry free of charge( Entry ticket is needed)
Simultaneous Translation (Japanese-English, Chinese, and Korean)

 Reports in the past Symposiums (pdf file)

 Part of the program was changed. (Updated October 27, 2011)



 The Great East Japan Earthquake seriously damaged schools in the disaster areas. Every effort has been made toward the earliest reconstruction in these schools.
 The symposium will offer an insight into the innovations in school administration and educational instruction that the schools in these areas have made or are seeking to make against various difficulties, and an insight into case examples of education field initiatives in various nations that have suffered large-scale disasters. It will disseminate information across Japan and the rest of the world about the educational activities in the disaster areas, and the sincerity that underpin them. Finally, the symposium will also represent an opportunity to obtain some suggestions on the ideal formats for future educational policy from educational practices that have been conducted under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.



Thursday, November 24, 2011  13:30―17:40



National Institute for Educational Policy Research



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Japan Society for the Promotion of Education and Research

National Federation of Educational Policy Research Institutes



Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), 3F Auditorium

  • Access : 1-minute-walk from Toranomon Station(Tokyo Metro Ginza Line), Exit 5 or 11
    3-minute-walk from Kasumigaseki Station(Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line), Exit A13
  • Map



  • Reception Desk Opens(12:30-)
  • Opening Remarks(13:30-13:40)
    Tamotsu Tokunaga (Director General, NIER)
  • Guest Speeches(13:40-14:05)
    Qian Tang, Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO
    Yuan Zhenguo, President, National Institute of Education Sciences of China
    Kim Tae-Wan, President, Korean Educational Development Institute
  • Session Ⅰ Activities at schools in the Great East Japan Earthquake-affected area(14:10-15:30)
    Inoue Takeshi, Principal, (Yamamoto-cho-run)Nakahama Elementary School, Miyagi Prefecture
    Tamura Yoshie, Principal, (Fukushima-city-run)Sabara Elementary School, Miyagi Prefecture
    Nakaya Teiki, Previous Superintendent of Schools of Miyako City, Iwate Prefectuire
    Suzuki Yoshishige(Principal, Koriyama High School, Fukushima prefecture
    (Previous Principal, Namie High School, Fukushima prefecture)
  • Break(15:30-15:45)
  • Session Ⅱ Activities at schools in other countries affected by large-scale disasters(15:45-16:25)
    Taguma Miho, Senior Policy Analyst, Education and Training Policy Division, Directorate for Education, OECD
  • Break(16:25-16:30)
  • Panel Discussion(16:30-17:40)
  • Panelists: Inoue Takeshi, Tamura Yoshie, Nakaya Teiki, Suzuki Yoshishige
    Moderator: Masaaki Hayo (Director, the Department for Educational Policy and Evaluation Research,NIER)


 Cocktail Party

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For further details such as the place or fee, we will inform the eligible applicants later.


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