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English articles

Taki, M. (2001a) Japanese School Bullying: Ijime - A survey analysis and an intervention program in school -. A paper presented at the conference of Understanding and Preventing Bullying: An International Perspective, at Queen's University in Canada

Taki, M. (2001b) Relation among Bullying, Stress and Stressor: A follow-up survey using panel data and a comparative survey between Japan and Australia, Japanese Society, 5: 25-40

Taki, M. (2002) Stress Hypothesis Model for the Preventatives against Japanese Bullying - A complementary note to my articles -

Taki, M. (2003) Changes in School Environment and Deviancy - A Survey Analysis and an Intervention Program for Schools, Foljanty-Jost, G. (Eds.) Juvenile Delinquency in Japan: Reconsidering the 'Crisis', Leiden: Brill

Taki, M. (2003) 'Ijime bullying': characteristic, causality and intervention, Measures to Reduce "Bullying in Schools", Oxford-Kobe Seminars on 21-25 May 2003 at Kobe Institute, Kobe, Japan

Mitsuru Taki, Phillip Slee, Shelley Hymel, Debra Pepler, Hee-og Sim, Susan Swearer (2008) A new definition and scales for indirect aggression in schools: Results from the longitudinal comparative survey among five countries, International Journal on Violence and School, n°7

Taki, M. (2010) Relations Among Bullying, Stresses and Stressors: A Longitudinal and Comparative Survey Among Countries. In S.R. Jimerson, S.M. Swearer & D.L. Espelage (Eds.) Handbook of Bullying in Schools: An International Perspective, New York: Routledge.

Taki, M. (2011) Basic Knowledge on Bullying. A paper presented at the International Conference on School-bullying Prevention in Taiwan 2011 August 20-21 at National Taiwan University by Humanistic Education Foundation

Taki, M. (2020) Understanding and Addressing Mean, Bullying, and Hateful Behaviors in Japan. In J. Cohen & D.L. Espelage (Eds.) Feeling Safe in School: Bullying and Violence Prevention Around the World, Cambridge MA: Harvard Education Press.


You can also download The Report of International Symposium on Bullying, at Tokyo, on 21 February 2006, NIER&MEXT here.

German articles

Taki, M. (2005) Ganztagsschule in Japan, Otto, H.U. und Coelen, T. (Hrsg.) Ganztägige Bildungssysteme: Innovation durch Vergleich, , Münstar:Waxmann

Korean articles

Taki, M. (2004) Ijime-bullying and the positive Intervention (in Korean and Japanese), A paper presented at the conference of intervention and prevention programs on Bullying on 18th of December 2004, orgarnised by the department of psychology at Seoul Naitonal University and one of Korean governmental body called Organisation for Adolescents.