Links to Relevant Organizations

○ Information and resources on ECEC in the midst of COVID-19

Administrative Information (not limited to ECEC)
Coping with COVID-19 at ECEC Centers
Resources to Support Children's Learning and Play at Home
Information from Universities and Research Institutes, etc.

○ Research Centers of Universities in Japan

○ Related Academic Societies and Associations in Japan

○ Related Research Institutes and Organizations in Japan

○ Related Academic Societies, Associations, and Organizations in the World

○ Related Research Institutes in the World

US: NIEER(National Institute for Early Education Research)
NICHD(National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)
Germany: ICEC (The International Center Early Childhood Education and Care)
Korea: KICCE(Korea Institute of Child Care and Education)
Singapore: ECDA(Early Childhood Development Agency)

○ Administrative Information from MEXT

○ Administrative Information from MHLW

○ Administrative Information from CAO (Cabinet Office)

○ Local Government Centers for ECEC


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