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  2. Research Projects in FY2015

Research Results Digest for Fiscal 2015

1. Educational Administration and Finance
  • (1) Study on the School System in Elementary and Secondary Education
    • Project Leader: WATANABE Keiko (Director, Department for Educational Policy and Evaluation Research)
    • Survey Research on the Outcomes and Issues in Unified Primary and Lower Secondary School Education
      final report: Aug '15 (PDF: 357KB)
    • Survey Research on the Current Situation of Unified Lower and Upper Secondary School Education and the Policy Process of Institutionalization March, 2015
      final report: Mar '15 (PDF: 204KB)
2.Elementary and Secondary Education
  • (1)Verification of the Efficacy that the School Basic Policy for Preventing Bullying enforced for the purpose of preventive measures of Bullying:
    ~focusing on collaborative efforts among junior high school catchment areas~
    • Project Leader: YORIMOTO Yuiki (Director, Guidance and Counseling Research Center)
  • (2) Fundamental Survey Research on School Facilities for Building an Inclusive Education System
    • Project Leader: ISOYAMA Takeshi (Director, Educational Facilities Research Center)
      digest version: (PDF: 769KB)
      overall report: (PDF: 4.83MB)
3. Higher Education
  • (1) A National Study of Student Engagement in Bachelor Degree Programs in Japan
    • Project Leader: HAMANAKA Yoshitaka (Senior Researcher, Department for Higher Education Research)
    • → Basic statistical table I (statistical compilations for university daytime students, by educational institution, by gender, and by academic year)[Japanese only]
    • → Basic statistical table II (statistical compilations for university daytime students, by department system) [Japanese only]
    • → Basic statistical table III (Junior college daytime students) [Japanese only]
    • → Basic statistical table IV (night college students at university/ junior college) [Japanese only]
  • (2) Study on Wide-ranging Organizational Reforms in Universities: from the Perspective of Educational Organization and Professional Development
    • Project Leader: KAWASHIMA Keiji (Senior Visiting Fellow/Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University)
    • Project Leader: KAWASHIMA Keiji (Senior Visiting Fellow/Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University)
      final report: (PDF: 64KB)
4. Lifelong Education
  • (1) Study on Establishing the Foundation for an Innovative Lifelong Learning Environment through Diverse Partnerships
    • Project Leader: IWASAKI Kumiko (Senior Researcher, Department for Lifelong Learning Policy Research
      final report: (PDF: 752KB)
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