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  2. Research Projects in FY 2014

Research Results Digest for Fiscal 2014

1. Study on the Efficacy of Pupil-teacher Ratio Reduction in Terms of Class Size and Learning-group Size
  • Project Leader: OZAKI Haruki, Senior Visiting Fellow of National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Former Director General of NIER
  • Project Leader: WATANABE Keiko, Director, Department for Educational Policy and Evaluation
    • Study on Free Education Before School-age in Other Countries (Outline)
4. Research on Conducting Instruction Methods for Logical Thinking in Education During Early Childhood
  • Project Leader: OGANE Nobumitsu, Director, Department for Curriculum Development, Curriculum Research Center
5.International Comparative Study on Educational Policies and Practices for Ethnic Minority Pupils
  • Project Leader: ONO Akiko, Director, Department for International Research and Co-operation
7.The Development and Application of Cross-border Test Item Banks for the Global Quality Assurance of University Education: International Collaborative Study Based on Lessons Learned from the AHELO Feasibility Study
8. Research on the Institutionalization of the Evaluation/Certification of Learning Outcomes for Developing Practical Specialty
  • Project Leader: SASAI Hiromi, Director, Department for Lifelong Learning Policy Research
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