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International Symposium on Education Reform 2009
Articulation between High Schools and Colleges;
-Especially how to articulate the students' learning experience and curriculum-
  Dr. Katsuhiro Arai
Articulation between High Schools and Colleges; trends and challenges
Ms. Sylvia Barnard
Report of Ontario's Dual Credit Program
Dr. John Owen
Transition from School to Further Education: The case of Victoria, Australia
  Dr. Chung Kwang Hee
High School/University Collaboration; Trends and Cases in the Republic
of Korea
  Dr. Patrick Burk
Linking High Schools and Colleges
Note: The Japanese-English translation was made by NIER
for the convenience of participants of the symposium.
Because the speakers may have not intended the meaning
of the translated words, please refer the original Japanese
expression if you need so.