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International Symposium on Education Reform 2009
Clarifying the definition and Strategy of Quality School
-International dialog among Japan, East Asian countries and the US-
  Dr. Masaaki Hayo
Creating "Quality Schools" in Japan
- Past Efforts and Future Directions -

Reports from abroad
The Definition of "Quality School" and the Strategy for Achieving it in
Recent Education Reform in Global Context
Dr. Niu Zhikui
  Dr. Chung, Kwang-Hee
  Dr. Shu, Ming-Chin
Dr. Allen D. Glenn
Dr. Motoko Akiba
  Note: The Chinese-English and Japanese-English translation
was made by NIER for the convenience of participants of the
symposium. Because the speakers may have not intended the
meaning of the translated words, please refer the original
Japanese expression if you need so.