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2015 NIER, Seminar on Educational Facilities Research

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 Like Japan, Switzerland is a small country with few natural resources, but ranks among the economic powers of the world. Swiss has done well and ranks high in the OECD-PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). In Switzerland, the municipalities have autonomy over education so they can make educational policies that match the community. School architecture is valued as a symbolic facility to carry on tradition and support the community and gathering local power to “create schools as the core for the community” is a tradition in Switzerland. In the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, this year’s Seminar on Educational Facilities Research will be held under the theme “Creating Schools as the Core for the Community - School Architecture in Japan and Switzerland -”, aiming for a new perspective for Japan’s future school architecture, to learn from Swiss experience and exchange of research between both countries, through coordination with relative organizations and inviting experts from both countries.

Basic information

Date January 21, 2015  13:30~17:00 (Doors open 13:00)
Venue Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Auditorium No.2
(3-2-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Former Government Building of Ministry of Education 6F)
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Hosted by National Institute for Educational Policy Research
Co-host Research Center for Educational Facilities - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Supported by Embassy of Switzerland
Architectural Institute of Japan


13:30~13:35 Opening Remarks

Tatsuya Otsuki / Director-General,
National Institute for Educational Policy Research

13:35~13:40 Remarks from the Embassy of Switzerland
13:40~14:25 Speech 1

“Languages of School Architecture in Switzerland”
Urs Maurer / Educational Facility Planner, ArchiLecture & LearnScaping,
President, Netzwerk Bildung & Architektur

14:25~15:10 Speech 2

“Schools – Architecture of the Community”
Gion A. Caminada / Professor, ETH Zürich,

15:20~16:05 Speech 3

“Creating Schools that Connect the Minds and Support the Community”
Satoru Nagasawa / Visiting Fellow, NIER
Professor Emeritus, Toyo University

16:10~16:55 Panel Discussion and Q&A

Coordinator: Isami Kinoshita / Professor, Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course, Chiba University

16:55~17:00 Closing address

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For Inquiry

2015 National Institute of Educational Policy Research, Seminar on Educational Facilities Research “Creating Schools as the Core for the Community - School Architecture in Japan and Switzerland -“
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