Office for Educational Resources Research Promotion

Outline of Research and Programs

Office for Educational Resources and Information Development provides the public with a broad range of information pertaining to NIER's research results, comprehensive information, survey materials on our website and in the following databases as well. Moreover, the office is responsible for educational library management which possesses approximately 538,000 materials including NIER's reports and publications.

 Archive of Research Results

In order to utilize NIER's research outcomes in various fields, the office provides the public with free access to online retrieval system called the Archive of Research Results.
   The archive currently contains bibliographic information and other educational resources including NIER research bulletin issued since fiscal year 2004, which can be searched by keywords, departments in charge, field studies, and year of publication.

Archive of Research Results (Japanese)

 Educational Research Information Database

Through full coordination with the relevant organizations, the office offers 7 databases via the Internet.
   Academic theses (Master/Doctor of Education) are available for inspection in the following link.

Education Research Resource Databases (Japanese)

 Website for Supporting School Management in the Disaster Area by All

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, for the purpose of reconstruction support in the devastated schools, the office created "support portal" with the cooperation of the National Institute of Informatics.
   The site enables educators and school management staffs to exchange opinion of teachers and schools, and to share knowledge and experience useful to reconstruction.

Website for Supporting School Management in the Disaster Area by All (Japanese)

 Library of Education

It is open to the public the Library of Education as the nation's educational assets.

Most of resources are originally written in Japanese, and some of them are published in English.

     [Opening Hours]   9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays, except national holidays in Japan

    Since we ask visitor to register as user, please contact us before visiting.

      TEL:+81-(0)3 -6733 -6536

Online Catalog

Library of Education (Japanese)

Research Results

Mar. 2012 Investigation of digital teaching material in elementary school and junior high school - Totaled results -
Mar. 2006 Report of Study on the Role of Provision of Lifelong Learning Information (Research commissioned by MEXT) led by SHIMIZU Yasutaka.
Mar. 2006 A Comparative Study of Japan and Germany with regard to the Nature of the Relationship between the Scientific Knowledge of Adults and the Contents of Study at School (JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [Scientific Research B]) led by YOSHIOKA Ryoei.
Mar. 2005 Report on the 23rd Public Symposium on Educational Research The State of Academic Ability in Japan as seen through International Academic Ability Surveys and How to Improve Instruction Methods, Educational Resources Research Center
Mar. 2005 An Analysis of Unit Development in the Period of Integrated Study Aiming at the Synthesis of Knowledge (JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [Scientific Research B]) led by SAITO Michiko.
Mar. 2005 Development of an Observational Information Data Server for Educational Purposes (JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [Scientific Research B]) led by KOMATSU Yukihiro.