Educational Facilities Research Center

Outline of Research and Programs

The Educational Facilities Research Center was established to conduct basic and specialized research and to gather and disseminate information related to the planning of measures to address various issues faced by educational facilities, for example, by offering advice related to curriculum enhancement and changes in educational facilities' social environment in recent years. Specifically, the Center carries out basic and specialized research into safety, crime prevention, and earthquake resistance measures for educational facilities, and gathers, collates, and disseminates information related to such facilities.
    The results of these activities are utilized in planning various measures necessary for the establishment and maintenance of educational facilities.

 Basic and Specialized Research Related to Educational Facilities

The Center conducts research related to the establishment and upgrading of educational facilities that are responsive to social changes and trends.

Safety Management

The Center examines effective safety and crime prevention measures, giving due consideration to children's behavioral characteristics and school activities. We also study the inspection and improvement of crime prevention measures at school facilities, and the establishment and operation of inspection and improvement systems aimed at promoting safety measures at school facilities.

Earthquake Resistance

Considering factors such as the special nature of school buildings and the diversification of educational programs, the Center examines earthquake resistance measures suited to school facilities. We also conduct research related to school facilities' disaster prevention functions as evacuation centers and to earthquake resistance upgrades associated with qualitative improvement of such facilities.

Environmental Issues

The Center examines environmental aspects of school facility establishment and upgrading, including the creation of suitable learning and living environments for children and measures to reduce environmental impact in order to combat global warming. We research environmentally friendly facilities (eco-schools) and barrier-free school facilities.

Qualitative Standards

As well as acquiring and accumulating knowledge required to verify qualitative standards for school facilities, the Center ascertains the extent of the relationship between school facilities and educational activity, and undertakes comprehensive studies related to qualitative standards. We survey school users' attitudes toward facilities and examine advanced assessment techniques.

 CGathering and Managing Educational Facility Information, Compiling Databases

Effective links with related organizations enable us to gather and analyze information on research reports concerning educational facilities in Japan and abroad, various standards relating to such facilities, and examples of forward-thinking initiatives (including comparative analysis of these matters both within and outside Japan), and to compile databases. We attend seminars and symposiums aimed at Japanese and overseas researchers, practitioners, and government officials, and present the results of our research at such forums.

Project Research

  School Facilities for Unified Elementary and Lower Secondary Schools (Participation in planning of facilities-related aspects of the Study on Issues in Unified Elementary and Lower Secondary Education (Department for Educational Policy and Evaluation Research) ) Leader: SHIMPO Koichi
Period: FY 2007-FY 2008
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  The aim of this study is to survey the current status of unified elementary and lower secondary schools used jointly by children with different physical characteristics and curriculums, to consider facilities suited to this unique operational model, and to reflect the results of this research in the Guidelines for Designing Educational Facilities.
  The project includes a facility usage survey of schools conducting unified elementary and lower secondary education and questionnaires for children and teachers to identify current problem areas. We also plan to conduct similar surveys of private schools with extensive experience of unified elementary and lower secondary education and to compare the results.

Research Results

Research Result Archives
 Jul. 2016 Report on Fundamental Research on School Facilities for Building an Inclusive Education System
 Nov. 2010 Promoting Environment-focused Renovations of School Buildings
Results of a Simulation of Environmental Measures in Model Plans (National)
 May. 2010 Aiming for Environmentally-Friendly Facilities (Eco-Schools) Renovation at Every School
Collection of Case Examples to Make Existing School Facilities More Ecological
 Mar. 2010 Protecting Children from Falling and Tumbling Objects due to an Earthquake
-Guidebook for Earthquake Protection for Nonstructural Members of School Facilities-
 Mar. 2010 Guide to the Creation of a Strategic Campus Master Plan- Aiming for the Creation of Attractive Campuses with Unique Characteristics -
 Mar. 2010 School Facility Assessment Case Studies: Improvements in School Facilities
 Mar. 2010 Report on Study of Functional Standards of National University Corporations Facilities: Performance Assessment Systems for University Facilities
 Mar. 2010 Encouraging Children to Study and Support Environmentally Friendly Energy: A Guidebook for Utilizing New Energy Forms in Schools
 Aug. 2009 Promoting Environment-focused Renovations of School Buildings: Results of a Simulation of Environmental Measures in Model Plans. Report on a Fundamental Study of School Facility Environments (Overview) (Full Version)
 July. 2009 Encouraging Children to Study and Support Use of the Sun's Bounty: A Guidebook for Introducing Solar-Powered Electricity Generation to Schools
 Mar. 2009 Case Studies on Community-Wide Crime Prevention Measures for School Facilities: Research Report on Creation of School Facility Security Measures Inspection/Improvement Manual
 Mar. 2009 Policy Regarding the Promotion of Environmentally Friendly School Facilities
 Feb. 2009 Creating Schools that Effectively Utilize the Special Characteristics of Unified Elementary and Lower Secondary Education: Points to Consider in Planning and Designing Shared School Facilities
 Feb. 2008 On Furthering the Equipping of Environmentally-Conscious School Facilities: Investigative Research Report Concerning Environmental Measures Within School Facilities
 Mar. 2008 School Facility Assessment Handbook (part 1)?(part 2)
 Mar. 2008 Report on Questionnaire Survey Relating to Assessment of Facilities as Part of School Evaluation
 Mar. 2008 Report: Seminar on Use of PFIs for Upgrading University Facilities
 Mar. 2008 Assessment of School Facilities (Interim report)
 Feb. 2008 Report: Japan-Germany International Symposium on Eco-Schools 2007
 Dec. 2007 Presentation papers: Japan-Germany International Symposium on Eco-Schools 2007
 Aug. 2007 Report: Inspection and Improvement of Security in School Facilities
 Aug. 2007 For functional improvement of school facilities for disaster prevention
 June 2007 Report: Case Studies Concerning the Development of Barrier-Free School Facilities
 Oct. 2006 Pamphlet: School Facility Security Measures Inspection/Improvement Manual (part 1)?(part 2)
 June 2006 Research Report on Creation of School Facility Security Measures Inspection/Improvement Manual
 Feb. 2006 Case Studies on School Facility Security Measures: Research Report on Creation of Case Studies Relating to Crime Prevention Measures for School Facilities
 Dec. 2005 Research on Assuring a Healthy Classroom Environment (Overview) [Extract]
 Dec. 2005 Case Studies of Seismic Nonstructural Retrofitting in School Facilities
 Dec. 2005 Manual for Earthquake Resistance Upgrade Associated with Qualitative Improvement of School facilities: Research Report on Promoting Earthquake Resistance Upgrading of School Facilities
 Mar. 2005 School Facility Safety Pamphlet: Making School Facilities Safer from Typhoons and Heavy Rain