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  5. January 24, 2017

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FY2016 NIER Seminar on Educational Facilities Research

On Tuesday, 24 January 2017, a seasonal symposium on educational facilities research was convened at Auditorium No.2, MEXT(Central Government Building No.7). This year’s theme is “What is Effective Classroom Design? -Exchange of Knowledge between Denmark and Japan-”, which is a one of global common issues in recent years. This event kicked off with remarks by Mr. Sugino, Director General of NIER and approximately 170 people including affiliate academic institutions, participated and heard the following keynote speeches delivered by 2 Danish and 2 Japanese intellectuals. Progressive approach to practical learning space design in Denmark and fresh perspectives on future school building in Japan were addressed with question-and-answer session.


Welcome Remarks
Tsuyoshi SUGINO, Director General, National Institute for Educational Policy Research of Japan (NIER)

Keynote Speech
13:35-14:15 "Schools in Denmark: Architectural Planning, Class Development and Use of Space"
Shunsuke ITO, Professor, Tokyo Denki University
14:15-15:45 "Classroom design for 21st Century Learners – a Scandinavian perspective"
Pia Grell SØRENSEN, Principal of Halsnaes Lilleskole
Lene Jensby LANGE, CEO and founder of Autens - learning space design studio
16:10-17:10 "Aiming for an active education space by examining classroom environments in the past, present, and future"
Satoru NAGASAWA, Honorary Professor, Toyo University


For more details, please visit the following link. Final report in English will be posted, once available.