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  5. December 4, 2016

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The 3rd International Symposium on Bullying

On Sunday, 4 December 2016, the Third International Symposium on educational reform was convened at lecture hall in the building of MEXT (Central Government Building No.7).

This year’s theme is “Promoting a Positive School Climate for Less Bullying and/or Harassment”, which was decided for the purpose of alleviating the bullying issues worsened in schools throughout Japan. Approximately 300 people including the board of education and school officials, participated in this symposium.

Through the dialogue with participating countries, the message was delivered that it is enormously important for teachers to work positively school climate improvement, by making effort to be aware of children’s innermost feelings or the possible presence of an isolated student in the classroom, and then facing constantly them with sincerity.


Welcome Remarks
Tsuyoshi SUGINO, Director General, National Institute for Educational Policy Research of Japan (NIER)

Keynote Speech
Part 1: “Bullying issues in the societies with less violent crime; Findings from the comparative survey between Sweden and Japan”
*Mitsuru TAKI, Senior Researcher, Guidance and Counseling Research Center, NIER
*Antoinette Hetzler, Professor, Department of Sociology, Lund University
Part 2: “Trials of improving school for reducing bullying Japanese case and Australian case”
*Kiyoshi NAKANO, Senior Researcher, Guidance and Counseling Research Center, NIER
*Phillip SLEE, Professor, School of Education, Flinders University
*Grace SKRZYPIEC, Lecturer, School of Education, Flinders University
*Barbara SPEARS, Research Leader, School of Education, University of South Australia

Panel Discussion
Part 3: “Possibility for promoting a positive school climate”
*Jonathan COHEN, President, National School Climate Center