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  5. April 25, 2016 June 15, 2016

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Educators from Thailand and Ghana visited NIER

Seven educators from the Thai Ministry of Education and Khon Kaen University, including Dr. Kanok Wongtrangan, Former Advisor to the Prime Minister, visited NIER on April 25, 2016 in order to learn education policy and practices in Japan.

MEXT explained policies on educational administration and finance in Japan to them in the morning. In the afternoon, they made a courtesy call on Ms. Kawamura, Director General, NIER. Then, Ms. Ono, Director, Dept. for International Research and Co-operation, Ms. Ginshima, Curriculum Director, Mr. Numano, Senior Researcher, and Mr. Kokubo, Head, Academic Ability Division explained the outline of NIER and the National Assessment of Academic Ability to them.

The Thai delegation introduced their education policies and practices and proposed the possibility to provide opportunities to learn education in Japan and to exchange with a focus on ASEAN. They and NIER will explore the possibility to collaborate and cooperate each other.

Seven educators from Ghana, including Mr. Enoch Cobbinah, Chief Director, Ministry of Education and staff of Ghana Education Service, visited NIER on June 15, 2016 as part of the Project for Supporting Institutionalization of the Pre-Tertiary Teacher Professional Development and Management Policy by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

They made a courtesy call on Mr. Minatoya, Deputy Director-General, NIER, and Mr. Numano, Senior Researcher, and Ms. Oda, Researcher, Dept. for International Research and Co-operation, explained the outline of NIER, policies on teachers in Japan and PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) to them.

Then, the educators from Ghana introduced an outlook of their policies on teachers and exchanged their opinions with NIER staff in a friendly atmosphere.

Ms. Kawamura, Director General, NIER
and the educators from Thailand
Exchange of opinions with the educators from Thailand
Ghana  Ghana
Mr. Minatoya, Deputy Director-General,
NIER and Mr. Enoch Cobbinah, Chief Director,
the Ministry of Education in Ghana
   Educators from Ghana and staff of NIER